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As the premier garage door repair company, we get to the bottom of the problem in no time. Our experienced technicians are qualified and equipped to handle any problem you may have with your door. Their level of training gives them the advantage of being able to effectively work on any part of your door. When it comes to being thorough, we are. We don’t leave anything to chance. Every job is thoroughly inspected after it is performed. Let our expert technicians install your next garage door or handle any repairs you may have, you’ll be glad you did. It will give you peace-of-mind, knowing the job is done right.

However, at Garage Doors Waukegan, we can help with so much more than just the garage doors themselves.  We are experts at all things doors, including security measures, safety sensors, and garage door openers in Waukegan.

Garage door openers Waukegan residents use add convenience and security to their homes and lives.  We install, replace, and repair all types of garage door openers in Waukegan.  In fact, our team of Waukegan openers professionals is filled with licensed, trained, and experienced door repair experts.

We can help you with all major opener brands of door openers Waukegan residents have installed.

The Most Common Opener Brands

  •     GenieGarage Door Openers in Waukegan
  •     Liftmaster
  •     Chamberlain
  •     Craftsman
  •     Sears
  •     Marantec

Whatever types of garage door openers Waukegan families have, we can provide maintenance and service when necessary.  Garage door openers in Waukegan are categorized into three main opener types, which are manufactured by all the major brand name companies.

Waukegan Garage Door Opener Types

  •     Chain Drive
  •     Belt Drive
  •     Screw Drive

Chain drive and belt drive garage door openers in Waukegan work in essentially the same way.  The door is pulled along tracks that run on the sides of the door and ceiling using chains (or rubber belts) powered by an electric motor.  Chain drive systems account for the majority of garage door openers Waukegan residents have.  While they are very durable and reliable, they can be noisy.  Belt drive systems replace the chains with rubber belts to reduce the noise level, which is especially handy if the garage is directly below, or adjacent to, a bedroom.

Waukegan garage door openers that use a screw drive lift mechanism raise and lower the doors by a threaded steel rod.  This method requires less maintenance because there are fewer moving parts involved.

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