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Will my garage door be fixed in one appointment?

The trained garage door technicians at garage door repair Waukegan are fully equipped to deal with all types of repair issues. They arrive promptly and with the complete set of equipment needed for garage doors generally and fix the repair in the first appointment.

Can I replace one section of my door?

It is possible to have just one section of your garage door replaced. Act quickly to have the section replaced and avoid further damage to other parts of your door. If the damage is too severe you might have to replace your entire door.

Why is the garage door not opening when the motor is running?

There are two possible causes. You could have a broken spring. Just look up to confirm if this is the case. Disconnect the opener from the door immediately and get the spring replaced as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to open the door manually as this is dangerous and can cause additional problems. The other possible cause is broken trolley. Once it is replaced, the opener will function normally again.

How do I know if I need a professional for my repair?

If the door malfunctions in a way that you can't clearly identify, this is a clear sign that an expert troubleshoot is needed. Once the error is known, the technician will be able to address the problem as safely as possible.

Why is my garage door opening unevenly?

One of the most common reasons for this is a dirty track. A track that has accumulated grease and dirt over the years will make it hard for a roller to pass through. Another common reason is a bent track. The rollers will travel unevenly if the track is bent or distorted in any way.

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