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The Best Types Of Garage Doors

The Best Types Of Garage Doors
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There are many types of custom garage doors used in Illinois but the main types are actually three. The type of garage door that one may use for their garages at home and in commercial buildings is mostly up to the owner’s desire in Waukegan, however there may be a few underlying factors that may push one into a particular type of garage door for example the amount of space available inside and outside the garage. An ordinary garage door is made up of a couple of panels that are linked together by hinges and in some cases some use rollers and whose weight is measured by a torsion spring system. They can be made of wood, aluminum, steel, and other materials like glass etc.

Single Panel Garage Doors

Garage Doors 24/7 ServicesThese doors are made from one large panel that may open upwards or sideways towards the inside or outside of the garage. The only downside of this type of garage door is that it requires some space hence forcing the owner to park a foot or two away from the garage.

Sectional Garage doors

These doors are made up of about six panels that slide up and overhead each other which allows one to park near the garage since there is no space required outside or inside for the garage door to open fully. There is also the overall rigidity of the entire garage door since there are many garage door panels involved, hinged together and against the main garage door track.

Roller Garage Doors

These doors are specifically made up of corrugated steel to ensure rigidity and robustness of the door; however other materials can also be used. Normally they have a spring inside the rolling mechanism which reduces the strain of opening the door. Pulleys are used for commercial buildings that use larger garage doors.

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